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Hi! I'm Eric, an aspiring fullstack developer from Baltimore, MD. I'm currently studying web development through Bloc's Web Developer program.

I've always been excited about learning new things, and have been doing a lot of that in recent years. Since training as a materials engineer in college, I've been spending my post-college days learning to crack the code of ancient Jewish texts in Jerusalem, teaching science to high school drop-outs in Chicago, and estimating multi-million dollar construction projects in Baltimore.

My newest venture is coding, and with it, I've finally found a niche that I feel confident that I can stay put with for a while. I love waking up every day to continue growing my coding skills so that I can build newer and better things. My natural instinct towards optimization serves me well in this field in which there are always ways to improve and grow. I look forward to eventually being able to work on projects with a team, where collaboration will help me to grow even more and really take things to the next level.

Aside from coding, I love to spend my time watching The Office with my amazing wife, jumping in puddles with my son, and biking. meditating, and doing yoga when I can find a spare moment.


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This is an interactive & responsive 10-Question Quiz that provides user feedback as you move along.

June 2019

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Recipe Finder App

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This project is an app that uses the Edamam API in order to yield recipes based on user input, and then filter them in various ways.

July 2019

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Feel free to reach out - Email me today and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
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